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Thanks for your interest, in me "About The Author" I'm Kelly, and I want to tell you about myself. I am a 40's something mother (proud) of two ~ sons. As you do too, I enjoy Home Party's. I enjoyed my time as an Independent Sale Consultant for The Longaberger Company® and The Pampered Chef®. Are two examples of Direct Sales company's however both ended due to personal reasons. (I feel they are both GREAT Company's)

Through my experience I have learned that there are many people throughout the world who find them self in difficult times. On the other hand I also have read of several success story's about just how they turn there life around when they were introduced to MLM, Multi-Level Marketing (this is how most Direct Sales Companies compensation plans are structured "Pyramid-Style" - LEGAL of course!!)

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Several have made great wealth through just trying a company “on for size”. In fact the Direct Selling Association, has reported that in 2006, US Retail Sales was $32.18 BILLION and 66.9% of sales were in the home! (WOW!!)

I hope I can be a positive influence in your decision, should you want a part of that MULTI-BILLION Dollar Industry. This Industry not only about Home Parties, it will also includes other independant sales (Direct Sales) opportunities. Many of the Direct Sales companies also have a fundraiser, gift or Wedding branch of their business

The reason I started this site , is becaues in October 2007 I was at home with my 21 month old son, you know just how hard it is to watch all of the news. Well, that specific day I overheard a story about a stay at home mom, mother of 6 children who makes money from her BLOG, Mom Blogger. (a rather large amount) (and other forms of Online Advertising)

This sparked my desire to create this website so I may also help others to do the same. I just want to “pay-it-forward!” If you are a stay at home Mom, (the most important job you'll have!)

If you are a stay at home Mom, (the most important job you'll have!) maybe your looking for something new to learn, and make money too, working from home.

Then I want to tell you about SBI... You have not heard of SBI? I found SBI while on the internet looking for a solid opportunity to increase our family income. I understood from the video this would be a work in progress...Take the time and watch the video, it's only 2½ minutes long.

Let me help you understand what SBI has done for me...I knew NOTHING about how to build a website! Yet, I wanted to learn something new to help generate additional income, so you also might want to check out ...

SBI has a long track of assisting in producing the tools needed to help make website that rank in the top 1% - 3%. Yet, there are many people who are earning a handsome income with limited time to learn more check it out. You just might like it.

In my own research I have found other great site that I will refer my visitors to, here is a GREAT resources in starting your own business, as a work at home business person there are resources, check here for a start!

Just remember, you too can have those dreams and
most importantly you deserve them!

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I sure hope this is a value to you.

Best of Luck and God Bless!

~ Kelly Staley

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