"best-quality products and personal service possible"

DiamondCreek has been in since 1998, and they pride themselves on providing you the customers with the best-quality products and personal service possible.

Every candle is made to perfection and every added ingredient is measured with great accuracy to optimize the fragrance making for a perfect candle. DiamondCreek does not use assembly lines during the manufacturing process of there business; as for every candle is hand crafted due to its uniqueness and characteristics.

The wax mixture is a Soy / Paraffin mixture (70/30) that is proprietary to DiamondCreek Candles. There business is always changing so as new products are always being introduced to the market. There goal is to continue to bring to you the best possible wax blends available.

DiamondCreek Candles is proud to offer our Diamond Chunk Candle line and our Traditional Candle line. DiamondCreek offers 75 fragrances with every candle hand poured to perfection in the USA. We use only a Soy/Paraffin blend for all Jar Candles. 100% Customer Satisfaction on all of our products here at DiamondCreek Candles, we are sure you will not be disappointed with our line of products. Read more, you’ll really like this company.

The product line includes:

Jar Candles
The Coffee Collection
Pillar Candles
Scoopable & Warmers
Votives & Tee Lights
Potpourri Oils & Wax
Candle Warmers
Fragrance Lamps (They offer great Tips)
Lamp Fuel & Accessories
Rose Petals

Business Opportunity!

Maybe you would like to stay at home with your family more, maybe you just want more money to pay off debt, or just get out of the house, have you considered starting your own business? This business will give you the freedom to run your business, be your own boss and take advantage of more tax right offs.

People are fed up with the weekly routine of pressing that alarm clock at 7am, 6am or even earlier, dragging themselves out of bed. According to the 2005 Work At Home Jobs Directory here are some of the top reasons people choose to work at home

Be a boss
Spend more time with family
Cut Out The commute Time
Get rewarded for there Work they do
Hours Are Flexible
Tax Benefits
Less Stress

We decided that we did not want a program like our competitors programs where you pay a higher monthly cost to find that you make little or no money. We wanted to start a program that works for YOU!

DiamondCreek Candles is now offering a very affordable consultant program. We offer great plans with fantastic opportunities! Individuals to earn commissions for a very attractive LOW monthly cost as little as $5.00 monthly.

This is why we have taken the time to design a plan that can fit into everyone’s lifestyle your choice;

Silver Membership $5.00
Gold Membership $9.98
The Platinum Membership for $29.99

For a detailed list and picture of each consultant here is a link to make your search easier.

About our Consultant Plans

Membership INCLUDES:

• Your own fully functional website.
• Commission level 1 (for all Retail products sold earn 25% of order total)
• Commission level 2 (for all referrals brought into the consultant plan under you as a referral earn 10% of their Retail sales)
• Commission level 3 (for all sales under the level 2 referrals earn 5% of their Retail sales)
• Levels of Achievement Awards
• Site Meter where you can see up to the minute real time visitors with demographic charts, graphs, traffic estimates, view traffic site hits page views and more
• No monthly minimums to meet
• No contracts and no Tax ID required
• Guaranteed email support 24/7
• No termination fees (upon cancellation)
• Delivery: Candles guaranteed to leave our facility within 3 to 4 working days
• Full access to the drop ship website (approx 40% discount on most items) Platinum and Gold Only!
• Silver Consultants will receive access to the Consultant Website where you will save 25% off all products.
• Personalized links on home page or a special link page added Platinum Only!
• Search engine submissions (increasing your website exposure) Platinum and Gold Only!
• Monthly updates to the monthly specials page
• (2) Full color printed catalogs with ordering forms upon sign up Platinum Only!
• (2) 7.5oz Jar Candles your choice of fragrance each and every month Platinum Only!
• Full access to our Member only Yahoo Group

Complete Pictures and descriptions of "kit" check this out.


Is your organization looking for a fresh idea to generate good income?

The chart below was taken for the web site and will give you an at-a glance view of the profits.


15 Students each sell 15 candles for a total of 225 candles,
total profit $1350.00
25 Students each sell 15 candles for a total of 375 candles,
total profit $2250.00
30 Students each sell 15 candles for a total of 450 candles,
total profit $2700.00
35 Students each sell 15 candles for a total of 525 candles,
total profit $3150.00
For in depth information check there fundraising site out!

They also offer FREE CANDLE drawings, check it out here!!

About your order

“All our products leave the warehouse by the third business day after you order. During heavy shopping seasons, it may take up to five days to leave the warehouse. After the product leaves the warehouse, shipping times apply, which, depending on your location and the volume being handled by FedEx at the time. Estimated time of delivery is 4-6 business days within the Continental US.” (According to the FAQ link page) Your order should arrive to your door either next day and up to 5+ days after shipment.

One final thought, they take an enormous pride in creating our products, and I hope that you'll find something in our catalog that you would love to try. If you’d like to customize your orders just drop us a like either by phone (702-416-8357) or email and let them know what you want.


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