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If you have not heard about Essante Organics - you're in for a treat or perhaps you're learning more about Essante Organics, and "found my page" either way, Welcome! I'm glad you're here!

Let me start off with first answering What is Essante Organics? 

  • Essante Organics is on global mission to create a positive impact on the planet and in people's lives through the MUCH needed education in using 100% Certified ToxicFree, Chemical-Free and wild crafted products through the latest organic technology.

Essante Organics

In 2009, a group of health care and business professionals came together with a passion for the life enhancing benefits through organic products and are committed to creating a new standard of "Green Living". 

These fine people crafted a critical criteria of:

  • Providing the world with new, powerful  100% Certified ToxicFree, daily-use products
  • Source, test and manufacture the PUREST and HIGHEST quality products with SUPERIOR Efficacy
  • Partner with Doctors, Scientists, Researchers and Wellness Leaders to provide products that deliver Instant Clinical results. 
  • Create a SUPERIOR pay plan with a mainstream approach, allowing EVERYONE to go green and prosper organically
  • Pay our Executives Sales Force more income than ANY OTHER COMPANY in our Industry/Profession! 

pssst.... read that again! This is NO joke, misprint. 

Essante Organics Mission

     "Our Mission is to PARTNER and BUILD A DEEP, memorable experience with our
       Executives  and Clients in order to help EVERYONE  ~ LIVE FREE, CHEMICAL-FREE
       and/or FINANCIAL FREE (its your choice) WE Promise to create and offer the finest
       quality of 100% Certified ToxicFree Products that deliver SUPERIOR RESULTS!"

Essante Organics identified a problem...

So did you know that willingly YOU put on hundreds of chemicals every single day from daily-used products that contain HARMFUL TOXINS and carcinogens that enter through your skin, into your blood stream and over time you build up them that accumulate year after year that could be the reason for your skin conditions, health issues, hair problems ...

  • While getting ready for work, school or play - the AVERAGE person uses 125 Toxinsby 9am

So, did that get your attention? 

Good, because I'm talking about 

  • tooth paste
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • soap or body wash
  • facial cleaner
  • laundry detergent 
  • other skincare products
  • Baby Products

Get the picture... I had no idea either I was doing this, sure I know about those WARNING Labels on the back of the products but I couldn't pronounce those big long words I had no idea what they meant or what they are "Related" to like Drain cleaner - that's right some products contain a "cousin" of drain cleaner in them, uck! 

I sure hope it did and I hope you keep reading, or skimming. 

Find out NOW about your products you're already using .... 

That's right, find out for free at See for your self the rating of the products you're using. They have a library of over 74,000 different products, I'm sure you'll find yours in there. With just one example, the toothpaste I was using, (supposed to be good for you, right?) was given a rating of 5 out of 10. So, that's only 1/2 bad for me right... well I don't want 1/2,  I want ALL Good for me and my family. 

The rating is on a scale of 0 - 10, with 10 being the MOST Toxic or course. If you feel comfortable with that, then fine, it's your choice.

But, if you're not okay with the rating you got, then you need to switch, so that you're not contributing to the accumulation any longer. 

The Solution 

Essante Organics

Simple, SWITCH!! 

That's right, make a simple switch to Essante Organics, for FREE, you can become a wholesale client. 

Essante Organics only use 100% CERTIFIED ToxicFree and Chemical-Free Ingredients, PERIOD!Check out the CERTIFIED Certificates here. 

They have superior results with clinical studies and from each purchase, a charities benefits, too. 

Before you switch, I'd like you to do some more homework....



If you're open to sharing this with others, you have one more step, and that's to listen to a brief audio message from the home office at 800-252-8140, if you like what you hear ad have learned so far, then I think we should connect and see if you're a fit. 

How to Switch? 

You can switch one of three ways:

  1. Become a Wholesale Client - (free)
  2. Become a Website Owner - ($29.00)
  3. Become an Executive - gives you a onetime purchase of products below wholesale price. a savings of at lease $25.00 and as much as $95.00, depends on which one you chose. This also allows you to maximize the compensations plan, this is a quick 5 minutes summary. You can find the detailed one from the President Dr. J.J. Levine. - his ties back to the critical criteria ..."Pay our Executive Sales force more income than ANY OTHER COMPANY in our Industry"

Essante Catalog

Here's my fist order!

I was so excited to try them, as I wanted to see what the buzzz was about, WOW. 

They smell so good! I get hungry in the shower because they are so refreshing, my eyes do sting or burn if I get shampoo, conditioner or even the facial cleanser in them by accident. 

I use to be a Mary Kay Fan, of the facial cleaners, but I have converted! This stuff is amazing. I about cried when we ran out, as I didn't realize my husband had started using them too.

I'll confess, I had to retrain my habits, as these are highly concentrated. You don't need to use as much as you're used to! I can have the shampoo/conditioner last almost 2 months alone and the tooth polish, has lasted me about 4 months! 

I don't know about you, but all I know is that these products work, my skin and hair have not felt this good in a long time.


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