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WELCOME to First Steps to Success!

What is that?

Who teaches First Steps to Success?

What do you learn?

Well, you may or may not know the name Dani Johnson I know for me personally, I knew the name for a few years now but never really listened to what she had to say? I knew of her ‘script’. I mean everyone who attempts Direct Sales or Multi-Level Marketing all fumble with ‘What to say’. In fact, I had a copy of her famous ‘script’ from other business partners however; I must admit I was missing far more than what to say.

Dani Johnson

Within the last several months I have been drawn to what she has to say and more importantly what she has to say and eagerly awaited to attend my First Steps to Success. You see, Dani does training for all people, companies or services because her message really has absolutely nothing to do with a specific product or service. I have listened to a few of her live radio sessions she does daily.

In short First Steps to Success is a seminar that Dani Johnson presents frequently throughout the world.

You see success is defined differently for everyone and the amount of money anyone of us feels is ‘enough’ is also defined differently. Most people want something for nothing, yet, ‘they’ don’t want to be scammed! (Who can blame them?)

When in reality both success and money is far easier than most people want to admit to. Most people are stuck in an ‘Employee mindset’ and feel it is easier and more ‘secure’ to trade time for money. However, at the end of most lives, the majority of us wish we spent more time with family, friends, raised our children because for every second that passes will never be regained. My point here is that in order for things to change in your life, YOU must change –Jim Rohn. If you want security and trade time for money, then don’t complain (in fact you have no right to complain) about what your company or boss has done to you, your job, your salary or your pension.

I mean face it; companies are out for the bottom line to in the black, a profit! Think about it…why should the boss cut his/her salary, you’d never know. I’d bet that unless you work for a small employer (less than 500 employees – according to The Small Business Administration) only your immediate boss “Knows” your name and things about you. Any higher than that and I’d feel pretty confident that they are briefed as to who you are!

So back to First Steps to Success, to achieve “success” there is a process that you must go through! Often that means taking an honest look at you and your past beliefs and memories that are keeping YOU a prisoner and that are robbing YOU from your success.

First Steps to Success is a two day seminar where Dani, tells you like it is! You may not like to hear that but she does.

Dani has worked in the Network Marketing Industry since the age of 19 and her life has been a roller coaster ride to say the least. She has been there and done that, from abuse, drugs, verbal abuse, beginning a Millionaire to homeless, and has gone through the same struggles that countless other people have endured from the industry.

So, let me go back to her ‘famous script’ that script has a whole new meaning than it ever did before! That is truly a book of what exactly to say to clients. It truly makes those dreaded objections much easier you know the ones I’m taking about…I have to talk to my spouse, It this one of those pyramid scams, I don’t like sales, or I don’t have the time and I haven’t looked at the information yet; only to name a few! If you can read, Dani is for you, your family because she will train you and your team from a generic point.

The entire First Steps to Success weekend, you were encouraged to eat with and meet people outside of your comfort zone which was really fun and you learned a lot about people. Not one was I bugged, hounded, bothered or solicited for other companies. I will admit that a few (and I do mean a few) I could tell by my own personal experience with Network Marketing.

Now on with a few highlights on my notes from First Steps to Success, Dani Johnson explains in depth the 8 Laws that we have total control over and when they are not obeyed your efforts will not produce results. They Laws are: Vision, Mind, Value, Sow and Reaping, Desire, Teachable, Forgiveness Leads to Freedom and the Law of Promotion.

You see, we all like to me known and that’s why I talked about this earlier, when you add value to your employer the chances are pretty good that you will be know and in need. Most people go through life with a lack of vision you see, you can have either reasons or results; you cannot have them both. So, if you’re full of reason/excuses/complain or blame you cannot have the results or success that you are looking for. Therefore, YOU must be teachable and full of desire!

You should be asking yourself “Who can I help succeed?” NOT what’s in it for me? Or this program doesn’t work.

When you really take an honest look, YOU are the only variable between YOU and the top income earners in whatever the company, so the question is why? It’s YOU. You need to get a good grasp about the laws I listed above. When others are earning the amount that you desire then if they have done it, so can you! Keep in mind that the greatest law is that of Sow and Reaping yet, the most important is the law of forgiveness; leads to freedom. First Steps to Success helps you see that!

Keep in mind that the next time you think that it’s not fair that someone is earning more money than you, the market place pays for value, what VALUE do you add to the market place or current job? Your skill determines your value, and your value determines your income so what do you have to offer? The biggest reason you have not succeed in Network Marketing is that you are lacking people skills! Dani helps teach you better ‘people skills’ - directly at First Steps to Success.

Here’s a tip: Words are Seeds that are involved in the Law of Sowing and Reaping, watch what you say and think. You are in control of what you plant and you are in control of your success or failure.

Here’s a thought…All I know is that birds of feather flock together….who are you flocking with? If you don’t like the results find another flock to join or learn from. I found out quickly that everyone at First Steps to Success is they were there to learn for themselves and to help others that are willing to be teachable. With no judgment, or questions, or prior opinions it was like everyone left their egos at the door! Have you ever thought about a SMILE? Did you know that ‘93% of all communication is non-verbal’ so, always keep a genuine smile handy, others will know!

Here’s what I learned about the Law of Promotion: if you can be trusted with the little things you can be ruler of much so, can you be trusted with the little things because the bigger things are waiting for you to master the little things?

Here’s a book that Dani highly recommends: How to Win Friends & Influence People

I know that you were told by your sponsor or higher things to do, but mostly likely they are not in the right order. There is a process we must go through in order to build a team of people that you must help in order for them to help you. I’m sure you had no interest or training in marketing (I know I didn’t!) and Dani Johnson will teach you the process and even has the scripts to get you to close the deal.

When you can master 4 of the steps, in time you could be earning 6 figures, when you master all 7 that leads you to 7 figures, which do you want? That reminds me, you have to become the person you want to follow, would you follow you if you were striving for success? First Steps to Success gives you far better guidance than other programs.

You must learn marketing! For a business without marketing is OUT OF BUSINESS!

Most people ‘hate to be pushy’ but often asking the closing question often will seal the deal and could result in a new business partner. NOW is the time, don’t let them ‘think about it’. If you don’t bring a prospect or client to close then you don’t believe in your product or service! Ask the closing question, want to know…. Order her script books!

Now to the most important part that I got the most from, the different colors, this is where we all have a primary color (or GEM as Dani speaks about) Blue (Sapphires); White (Pearls); Green (Emerald); Red (Ruby). I have way too many notes to possibly list here! Of which, I will learn daily from! This way I can learn to motivate my clients and lead them they way they want to rather than ‘sell’ them only to be let down later.

Well, because that is the last of my notes from First Steps to Success…I must agree this is a MUST seminar and I’m glad I had an urgent desire to attend. Dani also says this is a process not a lottery ticket! You must go through the process to obtain your desired vision.

Quit the corporate grind! To be successful you need to be different, are you?

So, how can I help you succeed? I have no strings attached and could be your missing piece of information you are looking for, so drop me a note and let’s see what I can do for you. You might be surprised!

I do have most of Dani Johnson’s educational material and several .pdf files that if able, willing to pass to you.

My Dani Johnson library includes:

3 Free Training Cd's Show You How To Earn 6 Figures From Home
Dani Johnson’s Script Book
Script Book Supplemental
6 Figures in 6 Months – Live in North Carolina
Prospecting & Closing Your Way To Millions
Presentation Success System
Insider Secrets to Home Business Success
Unlimited Success ~ Double Your Income In 12 Months! Free Video Shows You How!

Grooming the Next Generation For Success (Both the Book and Home Study Course)

I plan on getting Instant Customer Goldmine and Expose, Involve & Upgrade I just need to catch up on my current library :)

Here to help you grow,

Are you ready for your First Steps to Success?

Dani Johnson is quoted in saying “get out of your own stinking way – this is not about you”

“You need to weight YOUR EGO WITH YOUR BANK ACCOUNT and see which one weights more,” I bet I know your answer!

Best of Luck and God Bless!

~ Kelly Staley

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