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Food and beverages are beneficial for many, many reasons. Not only does it supply nourishment for our mind and body, this type of home based business is almost guaranteed repeat customers. After all, most people, if the really like the product you have, will want more. (almost guaranteed repeated customers - more money for you!). When people find a particular spice, seasoning or particular item as a part of making healthy meals for their family, they will usually reorder.

Some people might even just like to keep a particular item(s) on hand “just in case” - kinds of emergencies or for unexpected events. However just consider this; this type of party or home based business you may consider has become a $100 MILLION enterprise! (that's only one company that I write about)

Another is on track to reach $1 BILLION in annual sales within less than 6 years of business. So there is room for you to consider starting your own business or are just looking for a new type of entertainment to invite your family and friends to.

Perhaps you like to cook at home try great recipes from the Official Secret Restaurant Recipes cookbook. (I have this cookbook and LOVE IT!!) This is full of recipes from Applebee's®, Olive Garden® and Outback Steakhouse® to name only a few. (The list is to long to list here so check it out!)

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Its important to nurish our body as needed, after all disease - is the body not at ease.

the miracle of Good Health is like a gift that we do not fully appreciate until we loose it, then we realize that we took it for granted. To learn more, about keeping YOUR body healthier ... visit this great site, miracle-of-good-health. I think you’ll like it. (I know I do!)

Here are some thoughts about food...

There are things essential for your body to function properly. Keep in mind these are only very limited points to remember. They might include;

  • Water – by far the most important “nutrition” our body requires, after all we cannot function long without water. Or bodies need it to help keep things lubricated and moving along smoothly.

  • Protein – your body uses protein to make muscles, repair and build bone, tissue and skin (the largest organ of your body)

  • Carbohydrates – these “carbs” often provide energy, but for some your body might turn them into fat (unwanted weight)

  • Fats – there are two kinds of “fat” you might have hear them referred to as “good” and “bad”.

  • GOOD FATS; are things like Monounsaturated they help lower the total cholesterol and LDL (bad) and increase the HDL (good). These oils are things such as Nut, Canola and Olive Oil

  • Polyunsaturated also help lower blood cholesterol the same as above. Examples of these include things like seafood like salmon and fish oil, Corn, Soy, Sunflower, and Safflower

  • BAD FATS; are things like Saturated. These bad fats raise your blood cholesterol and can lead to future health issues. Saturated fats are often thought of as any “oils” that when cooled become a solid. These include Coconut, Palm and Palm Kernal

  • Transfats; are also a form of bad fats these are also known as “Hydrogenated” they help prolong the shelf life of food and prepared foods we buy today.

  • Fiber (Example of foods that are rich in Fiber) – this is the “roughage” that keeps your body running smoothly as a machine and has several other health benefits.

  • Vitamins – these are necessary and often need in conjunction with Minerals. If fact sometime they need each other to work more efficient.

  • Caffeine – found in more foods and beverages than most people know. Caffeine also can “rob” the body of essentials vitamins and minerals, yet is the world most popular stimulant.

  • How about food tips consider these;

  • Cheese, the softer the cheese the lighter the “squeeze”

  • Broccoli, for a vegetable tray to brighten the color blanching for one minute in boiling water and IMMEDIATELY plunge them into ice water to stop cooking

  • Lemons, to get the most juice, roll them on the counter or place in the microwave on HIGH for ten seconds before juicing. Choosing lemons, bright yellow with smooth skin and NO ting of green.

  • Garlic, pressing fresh garlic releases more of its essential oils and produces a bolder flavor that in it were cut slices or left whole.

  • (as I find more helpful tips I will post them to share for all)

    In the mean time check out the Food and Drug Administration for detailed and updated information.

    *** If you are a consultant for a home based business, which promotes food and have a newsletter, and would like to share it, please contact me and I will consider posting it here for you!! ***

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    I am not responsible for any erroneous information that a consultant provides me.

    Best of Luck and God Bless!

    ~ Kelly Staley

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