The Longaberger Parties are...

"Weaving The American Dream"

Have you had a Longaberger parties?? Well here is the Longaberger story, well it all starts with a man named Dave Longaberger; in fact he felt that he could be successful in the small town in Dresden, Ohio.

Actually in 1896 John and Carrie Longaberger (Dave’s Grandparents) moved to Dresden Ohio. Where John found work in at the Dresden Basket Factory where he learned to make a variety of baskets for practical uses.

When John and Carrie started their family among the children they bared, they had a son named John Wendell, also known as “JW”. JW grew-up he too learned to love baskets, yet at the age of 17 when he left high school to join his father as a full-time basket maker so he could support his family.

JW found the love of his live, Bonnie Jean Gist, they married in 1927. Soon after the Great Depression hit, this affected to basket industry. This forced the owner of the Dresden Basket Factory to sell. JW took the opportunity and purchased the factory and the house that he and Bonnie were renting, for $1,900.00. Together JW and Bonnie had a total of 12 children, Dave was born fifth of six boys and six girls.

Dave loved to learn from the past! Today they are still “Weaving The American Dream” through consultants and hosts, hosting Longaberger parties. It rather amazing how one person turned a business into a large operation with over 25,000 people and growing. Dave’s time on earth ended on March 17, 1999 due to Renal Carcinoma (cancer). Today his dream is still weaving through his daughters, Tami and Rachel.

You should take a trip to enjoy the explosive business that has really put Dresden on the map from Direct Sales. Longaberger is more than just baskets. In fact they have an ever changing catalog that includes things like pottery, liners, protectors, table cloths and other assorted accessories to decorate your home. To learn more about a trip visit Longaberger! There are many other people just like you that have made a great income working from home through direct sales. In fact you can get started with as little as $49.00. If you have been to Longaberger Parties, and want to join thier family, Learn more here.

Here’s a summary of the company:

  • Products/Services Sold: Handmade baskets, pottery and wrought iron
  • Year Company Started: 1978 (starting selling at home shows)
  • Number of Reps in the Company: ~70,000
  • Home Office Location: Dresden, Ohio
  • Commission Structure: 25%
  • Any Sales Quotas: $125/quarter
  • Advertising Rules/Regulations: No advertising
  • Company Website: Yes, $19.95 per month

    In fact one of the best ways to become a consultant is to talk with an Independent Consultant. He or She would have the best answer and personal attention you deserve to start you business of with a great start! After all, if Dave can make his dream come true…. you deserve to have your dreams be just as big. Just keep in mind that the Direct Selling Association has posted for 2006 that the retail sales reached $32.18 BILLION in sales. Now of theses dollars about 26.7% are in the category of Home accessories. There is still room for you!

    Here you can also find out more about how you can visit and get hands on experience or even just enjoy a day or so shopping, you can even make your own basket. I did and it was fun! You can see larger than life baskets and pottery throughout the town and on corporate grounds.

    If you are a consultant for The Longaberger Company® and would like to post your newsletter on my website, please feel free to contact me. I will gladly consider.

    I am not responsible for any erroneous information that a consultant provides me.


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