Northern Lights at Home

Are you looking for a fresh idea for a home party about candles? Northern Lights at Home might be your answer. Perhaps you’re looking to start your own business. Keep reading, you will like this company!

Do you like Candles and accessories? Well Northern Lights at Home might be the company you’re looking for. This company started in 1978 and with the highly successful entrepreneur, Andy Glenzman decided to extend his company nationwide in 1998 and extended the opportunity with others, so they may start their own business in the comfort of their home. Northern Lights at Home provide high-quality innovative products that are brought to your home through Independent Contractors.

This is a quote from the Northern Lights at Home web page “The Northern Lights at Home team pledges to provide high quality products at great value, service excellence, and a terrific commission structure. We will provide an inspiring, motivating, and innovative business environment to help our sales force grow and flourish in their own award-winning careers At Home.”

They are proud members of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) as of December 4, 2001. They company is located in New York. The Company Mission statement reads;

“Our Mission is to enhance the quality of the American family by offering the opportunity of building a home-based business through the home party plan. We promote salesmanship with high quality products that beautify the home, integrity, and service excellence. We build winners one star at a time and help make dreams come true.”

Northern Light at Home is doing their part in conserving our planet. Here are some interesting facts I found; Most to of the catalogs are made with 100% recycled paper which saves 192,460 gallons of wastewater flow, they did not generate 20,391 pounds of solid waste and preserved 321 trees for the future. Now this is an eco-friendly company. These catalogs are 48 pages in color and detail.

Maybe you’re an executive or person of authority for gift purchases and are looking for corporate gifts. Take a look at the items offered as corporate gifts.

How about a unique fresh idea for a wedding gift or shower gift? You might want to check these wonderful ideas out. You will be a great hit with a fresh idea. They also have gifts under $30.00.

Are you looking for a new fundraiser? Why not consider candles...are a fresh idea that pays 40% profits to your organization. Check this out for facts and benefits. Here are the fundraiser products. Now I know you want to hold your own party and share this great company with you family and friends. Here is a list of the benefits for hosting a party. Now the business opportunity, here is a three (3) minute prerecorded message you can listen to, just call (507) 726-3976 to find out more. Here is a detailed list of the entire items you get when you decide to become a consultant.

Lastly, here are some answers to some of your questions.

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