Prospect and Close
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That’s right you should be prospect and close your way to millions with Dani Johnson

Prospect And Close Your Way To Millions


I’ll get to that in a moment but first I want to share with you that I’ve had these CD’s for a while now and I’ve listened to them several times, now just the other day when I was listening to them her words really struck me from no other place I’ve been in.

You see, by profession I work Full-time as a Firefighter/EMT and have been for the last 14+ years. I’m taking to people all the time that I don’t know. Now I know they have called me for different reasons but the basic point is the same.

If you’re not aware of Dani Johnson, I strongly suggest that you check her out. She has a proven track record of thousands of success stories and testimonials around. I attended, for the second time, her “First Steps To Success” in Washington, DC; and for those who already know about her you know exactly what I’m talking about!

So,in Prospect and Close Your Way To Millions Dani helps you find out what the problems are that are holding you back and how you can improve on your skills so that you can increase your business, personal or family life.

My husband also attended his first, First Steps to Success in Washington DC and as a family, we’ve seen a huge difference in our overall communication and we have Dani to thank for that. Back to my point, I enjoy my job, helping people and I feel that I’m pretty got at what I do; after all 13+ years should back that up!

I’ve heard it before that it’s not about “you” (me) it’s about them! I know I have a better way of earning an income and that this business model is much better than. Now I understand why many fail in the industry that I’m learning about! You see they “try” it out and it doesn’t work.

My friend it does work and like Dani says, “Prospect and Close Your Way To Millions” means you have to talk to a lot of people, daily. Therefore, you’ll get good at communication. There is a process that you should follow in order to find out just how you can help the person that you’re talking to.

A side note, that on my days off – I’ve learned how to build websites and they’re fun after you know how! And that journey has leaded me in doing lots of soul searching. If you’re interested in so help or guidance with building an online presence with what you’re interested in then I will help you, too. I knew of Dani several years ago but my EGO was way to BIG to be OPEN in hearing her message so that I could learn how to communicate better. Now that I have all of her recorded published information I am over things like:

  • 1. I don’t know what to say.
  • 2. I don’t have the confidence
  • 3. I don’t have the time
  • 4. I don’t have the money
  • 5. I need to think about it
  • 6. I need to wait two (2) weeks
  • 7. I haven’t looked at the information yet
  • 8. I’ve joined another business
  • You know, you've heard it ... well, Dani has a response in her Script Book that will help you get over those objections with ease!

    Dani Johnson

    Simply to name just a few!

    Back to my point, for the first time when I started my journey in 2006 about earning money from home, I realized that I’ve been training for this for the past 20 years! It never dawned on me and when I was driving home listening to her prospect and close your way to millions, CD’s that revelation actually got me all choked up and full of emotions because I understood that I was doing what I “thought” our industry does, therefore, I was doing it wrong. No actually I was being more sales like, uck!

    I know without a shadow of a doubt that I have something much better than what they’ve got going on right now or they wouldn’t be looking. I have a possibility that is more solid than any that they’ve tried. I too have tried and purchased products from other “gurus” and I have always felt like after they collected my money, they ran! I’ve NEVER felt that way with Dani.

    So, with Dani Johnson’s help I will be “Prospect and Close Your Way To Millions!” Here you’ll find a series of 7 CD’s that will take you through different ways in which you can prospect and close your business. It’s a priceless value to your collection. It’s also helpful to have her Script Book and Supplement handy so that you’ll have with ease why to say and guide you through a conversation with ease. Then with practice, your, interviewing with become far more natural and you’ll have them sell YOU why they should be in YOUR business.

    Last thought, people are loyal to PEOPLE not a product or service. People are your product, when you learn more about people you’ll be more successful when you help them get what they want. I needed to learn how to talk to people in such a manner that they want to do business me and I’d bet you’re in the same. You’re never going to get where you want to go, by yourself, you need to understand that. If you’re living a life by yourself and trying to survive by yourself, (working a JOB is doing it alone – Come on’ your boss only cares about his profits NOT YOUR income) then YOUR living the WRONG plan, it is ALWAYS a team of people to get you where you want to go! ALWAYS.

    If you want a mentor, I have some spots available to help a few more to the success you’re looking for, just drop me a message so I can see how I can help you.

    So here's What The Guru's Aren't Telling You About Succeeding In A Home Business!

    Be careful, it could change your life.

    Treat yourself to a Blueprint To Earning 6 Figures From Home? With these Free MP3's that show you how!

    Enjoy and Thank you!

    Best of Luck and God Bless!

    ~ Kelly Staley

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