Ron Mueller

"It's How Much You KEEP That Counts,
Not how much you Make!"

Can you believe that 2015 is here, and Tax time is about to go full swing ...!! Crazy.

Do you know who Ron Mueller is?

I have to be frank, I did not know about him until I saw his book “Home Business Tax Savings MADE EASY!" - formerly known as ; It’s How Much You Keep That Counts"

Ron Mueller is NOT a Tax Attorney or CPA; he's a Psychologist! And boy can he save you money on taxes, as long as YOU follow his priceless information!

Take about 5 minutes or so an watch his video here!

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Want more information and regular 'tips' well, Ron offers a great informational e-mail called "Tax Tips You Can Bank On" (worth $129 value per year) to Get FREE BONUS Report:: How to INCREASE Your Tax REFUND by THOUSANDS! Ron Sends out regular tips, so you don't want to miss this :) 

Home Business Tax Savings Made Easy! 

The MORE you KNOW, the LESS you OWE!!

Now isn’t that true…It is how much you keep that counts, I mean the amount of TAXES ... you pay. The best way to keep more of your hard earned money is to have your own home basebusiness.

If You run a Home-Based Business YOU can SLASH your TAXES by $300 to $600 per MONTH, STARTING THIS PAYDAY!” Now I’m not suggesting that you file your own taxes…but the knowledge of the legal limits can save you lots of $$$.

Ron Mueller's 
 STEP-BY-STEP system to 

  “…with a LITTLE HELP from UNCLE SAM…right?

             They will Do the Work FOR YOU!

We will show you step-by-step how these
           Tools can Recruit & Retain EACH of the 6 TYPES


            Faster, more effective RECRUITING,
               Slam-dunk, on-the-spot CLOSING,
            Eliminating problem of RETENTION and
            REACTIVATING your ‘dormant’ downline.

       With a little help from an ‘unlikely ally’ (UNCLE SAM!)
       you can now…
 RECRUIT anyone!
                                           KEEP them Active forever!

You can Quickly and Easily…

                             (a) …understand the six major tax-deductions

available only to home-based business owners,   

                             (b) …learn to use those deductions to legally reduce your own

taxes, and to increase your take-home pay, big time,

                      (c) …begin using that knowledge to accelerate your recruiting,

improve your closing, stabilize retention, and even

revive formerly-active distributors in your organization

                                -- without YOU answering ANY tax questions.

                                                             click here for more details!

I will share with you, from personal experience, that not all tax professionals are created equally. This is quoted from documents I have of Ron’s information;

     “Like millions of Americans, I used to turn to CPAs for tax advice each year, assuming they knew all the legal tax deductions. Iadmit that I was naïve. I had no idea that the Tax Code is some18,500 pages long. No one can be an expert in everything contained in a bookcase full of tax law!”

Now I have to be honest, I had no clue the tax code has “some 18,500 pages and contain some 5,000 words” now there is no way that one person should know all of them. On the other hand, when you are armed with the information to legally claim your deductions and know the codes and chapters to reference so you can work with you CPA to legally keep as much as you can!

Starting a home-based business; QUALIFYING is EASY:

  1. Work your business 3 to 4 hours a week,
  2. Prove You’re Trying to Make a Profit,
  3. Keep Good business Records

“THAT’S IT,”    --> says Congress.

By not having your own business Ron states that you are overpaying by as much as $20.00 a DAY!!

If you have a Home Based Business You have GOT to see this! I’m sure there are thousands of you who have a home bases business yet are not aware of this information. Don’t let your had earned money be left up to someone else to you assume know about all the legal tax deductions. After all, This book WILL save you THOUSANDS in taxes.

Ron also offers “A 30 DAY "CRASH COURSE" in home-business tax savings” This course WILL pay for itself by the time you have finished it! Go ahead, give it a try… 

Ron Mueller offers many FREE documents that just might help you be more organized. Check out this; 

Year End Business Summary...

Six Ways To Bullet Proof YOUR Audit....

How Anyone Can Increase Your Tax REFUND by THOUSANDS.

I sure hope this is a value to you.

Best of Luck and God Bless!

~ Kelly Staley

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