Ron Mueller Webinar
Corporate & LLC Compliance
with Scott Burnett, ESQ.

News flash ... Ron Mueller upcoming Webinar!

Two weeks ago I hosted a webinar for Scott Burnett, an attorney and LLC / Corporation expert, to brief my valuable Tax Tips subscribers (that’s YOU!) on “How Do You Know When It’s Time to Incorporate or to form an LLC?”


Then a related subject same up…

“Corporate & LLC COMPLIANCE.”

When a Corp. or LLC is set up, the owner is given asset protection and tax savings – the main reasons to set up a business entity to begin with.

HOWEVER, these benefits are only guaranteed IF your company follows specific “rules of operation” --referred to as “Corporate or LLC Compliance.”

That means “paperwork” – something most of us entrepreneurs are not so good at, right?

Here’s the deal – if we do not follow these “compliance rules,” we literally can lose ALL of the benefits of forming an LLC or Corporation or Partnership.

That’s not good.

What ARE the “Compliance Rules?” (Thought you’d never ask!)

Join me next weekend as I host Scott Burnett, Esq., once again, as he tells us (in plain English!) exactly what records we should be keeping AND exactly how to get our LLCs and Corporations and Partnerships “into compliance.”

A word about Scott Burnett -- He has not always been “one of us.” Formerly, as prosecuting attorney in Santa Barbara County, Calif., he represented clients who wanted to prove that a particular LLC or Corp. or Partnership was “NOT in compliance,” which helped his clients win BIG judgments against plaintiffs who thought (incorrectly) that they had asset protection through an LLC or Corporation.

But now he is on OUR SIDE, and the experience he brings to us is invaluable!

If you have an LLC or Corporation, YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS WEB BRIEFING!!!

Here are the DATES & TIMES:

Sat., Oct. 19 at 8:30 AM Pac. (11:30 am East)

Register at: Register HERE for October 19th, 2013

Sun., Oct. 20 at 5:30 PM Pac. (8:30 pm East)

Register at Register HERE for October 20th, 2013

This will be a content-rich web briefing!

If you have a Corp., LLC or Partnership, you do not want to miss this FREE web briefing!

FREE BONUS just for REGISTERING! 30-sec Survey tells if you're “safe:” Can The IRS Take Away Your Deductions? Can A Lawyer Destroy Your Protection? 30 sec from now you will know the answer.

Join me LIVE next Saturday morning or Sunday evening. AND please pass on this invitation to any colleagues or friends who may benefit from this free information.

This presentation is brought to you as a free service of the Home Business Tax Savings Learning Center – see Home Business Tax Savings

Creating Tax-Smart Home-Business Owners, Ronald R. (Ron) Mueller, MBA, Ph.D. author of “Home Business Tax Savings, Made Easy!”

P.S. –

Thinking about forming a Corporation or an LLC? Check out a recorded briefing at

I sure hope this is a value to you.

Best of Luck and God Bless!

~ Kelly Staley

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