Tastefully Simple Home Party

"Great Gourmet Food made easy!"

Tastefully Simple Home Party! came from one of (I'm sure) the best (and profitable) "Urika" moment Jill Blaskhack Strahan had, See how...

Have you ever had “urika” moments? Let me tell you about Tastefully Simple's "urika"... moment that the Founder & CEO had. You know the kind it thoughts that sometimes keeps you awake at night. How about, those thoughts you have when you’re in the shower that great thought just comes to you? "URIKA!"

This company was “Founded on a Dream and a Shoestring” that’s the way the Founder & CEO Jill Blashack Strahan. In 1995, the Tastefully Simple Home Party was formed into a great company that was founded in Alexandria, Minnesota and today her company is well over $100-Million enterprise. This multi-million dollar company and highly ranked fortune 500 company started with a gift-basket business that included Gourmet Food. Ms. Strahan noted that there was a high demand for Gourmet Foods so, at “3:00 one morning” the thought came to her…. “Why not offer these incredible products in the comfort of home?”

Most all of the products sold through Tastefully Simple home Party ~ require only a few parishable products to add; things like eggs, butter, whipped topping, vegetable oil, carbonated beverage and fruit products only to name a few! Many products only require the addition of three items or less.

Tastefuly Simple Home Party offers consultants a "party" as thier "job" (how cool is that!) and the consultant I uses has her business card that reads…”when ever I go to work I always end up at a party” Think about that, just how try this is. So just what do you get? Well, for the start up cost of $170.00 your kit includes enough sample products to do about four (4) parties. You also get training materials to start your new business, also catalogs, invitations and order forms and some other supplies.

As with any direct sales company, like Tastefully Simple Home Party, you have a great support network for training after all you always have your sponsor and headquarters, a detailed consultant guide, e-news straight from headquarters, and your own corner of the web; through Tastefully Simple. The commission rate is up to 36% on retail sales, you also earn leadership income as your team builds. You can also earn get-a-way destination or other rewards. You’re also entitled to a discount program to include saving and/or discounts with companies such as OfficeMax® and Avis® to name only a few.


Products/Services Sold:

Gourmet foods

Year Company Started:

Number of Reps in the Company:

Home Office Location:
Alexandria, MN

Start Up Costs:
$170 initial investment

Start Up Kit Includes:
  1. Training Manual
  2. Samples for 6 shows
  3. Full size products
  4. Business Supplies
  5. Training Supplies

  • Commission Structure: Up to 36%
  • Any Sales Quotas: $400/quarter
  • Advertising Rules/Regulations: No Advertising Permitted
  • Company Website for Reps: Yes
  • Company Website Fee: $50 for basic site

  • Hosting a Tastefully Simple Home Party is easy!

    Like 1, 2, 3 .....

    Hosting a party is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    1. You first invite your family friends and neighbors or anyone who likes to eat!
    2. Then you follow up with a phone call a day or two for confirmation
    3. The day of the party you prepare the items as directed.

    That’s it! For all your hard work the hostess program is wonderful. Let’s review some of the highlights; for only $200 in sales, you earn $20 in products FREE!!! A Tastefully Simple Home Party will be so fun, you should have no difficulties with bookings, after all everyone loves to eat!

    I hope you're looking for a great Tastefully Simple Newsletter. Here is the home page for Tastefully Simple Home Party! Maybe you are looking for a Tastsfully Simple Home Party Consultant? (Find one here in your area) Or just maybe you just want to order online or just check out there product line.

    I am not responsible for any erroneous information that a consultant provides me.


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