A neccessary evil, we hate to pay it so learn here how to legelly REDUCE

Taxes - we all hate them, but we all pay them! Although there is a know truth...there are two tax systems in the United States. The taxes you pay as an employee or as a business owner.

I have found two very good resources on this very topic. They are

  1. Ron Mueller is NOT a Tax Attorney or CPA; he is a Psychologist
    Ron offers a great informational e-mail called "Tax Tips You Can Bank On" (worth $129 value per year) to Get FREE BONUS Report:: How to INCREASE Your Tax REFUND by THOUSANDS!

  2. Sandy Botkins , Attorney and Certified Public Accountant is Chief Executive Officer and Principal Lecturer of the Tax Reduction Institute based in the Washington, DC area.

During the past ten years, Mr. Botkin has taught more than 50,000 taxpayers how to save over $300 million on their taxes with his seminar. Lower Your Taxes - Big Time! 2009-2010 Edition (Lower Your Taxes Big Time)

Here is Sandy Botkins web site. If you want a reduction in price use the coupon code to Taxtools Now I must admit, that use both of them as a resource for my questions. I like aspects of both and together they arm me with the knowledge and help guide me in the direction needed when my personal CPA questions my desire for them maximum deductions.

So, back to the deductions...The biggest difference between the two different tax brackets are when you are taxed vs when they are expenses. Speaking of deductions....WOW you NEED to listen to this GREAT Audio from Sandy Botkins, he begins to explain how and what deductions are out there for you! For example most all of us have and use cell phones. If you are an employee - this is not able to be claimed as an deduction. On the other hand, when you have a business and use the cell phone to call clients, set appoitments most if not all of this expence should be considered a business expense. Result reducing your TAXES and keeping more money in your pocket!

Home-Based Business are the best way to reduce your tax liability! Including Working from Home

Think of the from home, claim more deductions, keep more money after all "It's How Much You KEEP, That Counts! Not how much you Make"

Think of the from home, claim more deductions, keep more money after all "It's How Much You KEEP, That Counts! Not how much you Make"

Dr. Ron Mueller's **new 5th edition** book,

"Home Business Tax Savings MADE EASY!"

is now available in Printed format as well as a digital download!
(Formerly titled, "It's How Much You KEEP That Counts! Not how much you Make.")
Ron also Guarantees that this book will increase your REFUND by thousands
or he will buy the book back from you, in ANY condition, for a whole year!
Click this link to see the book that WILL save you thousands!
Check it out! What do YOU have to lose, YOUR hard earned MONEY??

Ron Mueller

On the other hand I also have found this Ultimate Tax Reduction Guide. How To Slash Your Taxes Quickly, Easily And Legally. You might find this as another resource tool to best protect YOUR hard EARNED MONEY - $$$

If you should run into any questions or need more help, please Contact me! as I look forward in helping you grow and or build your business.


~ Kelly

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