Two Sisters Gourmet

"Entertaining Made Easy!"

Two Sisters Gourmet (TSG), is one of the fastest growing Direct Selling Companies in the United States. The headquarters is located in Orlando, Florida. They were acquired by the Blyth, Inc. located in Greenwich, CT in mid 2004.

I have to admit I have never (unfortunately) had the opportunity to witness firsthand the fun and excitement this great company has to offer. While reviewing Two Sisters Gourmet webpage, the first thing that really hits me is that you can learn more about BMW 535i can be YOURS~! To learn more find a consultant and ask!

In addition to that, the second thing that caught my eye was the recipe box, wow they have a lot of great recipes!>>

There webpage also has a great power point that explains the basis of Direct Selling, 101 and for you to get a closer look at the benefits that Two Sisters Gourmet has to offer. In this power point you will get many questions answered like just how do you make money with their company? In short, they have a compensation plan with 2 key components

  • You earn 25% based on your personal activity (you can earn up to 35%) by holding 2 parties a week with a party average in sales about $300.00

  • (If you choose) you will earn based on your teams performance or sales

    If you are comparing compensation plans you might want to consider these questions;

  • Will the company help pay for supplies?
  • TSG offers a 5% business credit to help pay for catalogs and samples, based on your sales

  • Can I earn a bonus on personal sales?
  • (with TSG you can up to 10%)

  • What about at Host Plan?
  • an average show of $300.00 the host will receive a $15 host credit (for any show dollar value) plus an additional $40 FREE in TSG products and the host will also receive a ½ price item for each booking from your party!

  • Commission form orders received on the web?
  • YES! 25% (as a consultant you get your OWN webpage for ~$50/year (less than $4.25/month))

  • How about earning a sponsoring bonus?
  • Yeap, TSG has a bonus of $100.00

  • Commission is paid on retail NOT wholesale!

    To better assist you, here is a link for the compensation plan, based on 2 parties a week. They also offer six (6) steps to a career path check out the differences here!

    The price for your welcome kit either $80.00 or $140.00, for details <>>

    Here is a summary:

    Products/Services Sold: Gourmet food products
    Number of Reps in the Company: 250
    Start Up Costs: ~$80.00 - ~$140.00
  • Check out your "WELCOME KIT!!"
    Commission Structure: 25%
    Any Sales Quotas: $300 in sales in personal retail sales in the first two months
    Advertising Rules/Regulations: Company Approval
    Company Website for Reps: Yes
    Company Website Fee: $49.99/year

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