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Welcome! You’re looking for ways to make a website, right? Well, for starters, you've picked a great place to start.

Don’t be fooled that this site is more about home party’s … you can also learn just how to make a website.

First you have to get the best guidance. Building a website is rather easy and sure, there are tons of ways to make a website but let me share with you my journey of building websites.

I’m just like you! Well, sort of, I started back in 2006 wanting to make “Extra money from home” just like countless other people. Yet, I didn't want to be scammed, sound familiar?

Here’s the trick, I knew nothing about how to build a website, I knew nothing about coding, I knew nothing…in fact I didn't know how people were claiming and showing actual picture of checks they've received from the income through their website. Come ‘on, you've seen them, right!

So, I set out to learn ways to make a website.

Here’s the biggest problem, you need visitors in order to potentially build “extra” money, right. I mean the Internet had made it so easy!

You cannot argue that – practically everyone how has the ability to, runs to the internet to research, especially for the “Best Price” or the best instructions on whatever it is that they desire, right, I know you do too.

Sure some people still enjoy the social side of “Shopping” but there are a growing number of people who head to the Internet, with Credit Card or Debit card in hand ready to make a purchase, when they find the right information, don’t you agree.

So, here’s the thing, I never thought of it this way … but when you make a purchase, you’re going to pay someone, right? Well, when you learn how to make a website, the right way, the money seems to come from all directions. I mean it’s so exciting to get checks in the mail and the best part is that YOU don’t have to ship anything. That’s right; no shipping is in order on your end! Once you learn how it’s easy.

So to make a website – but where so you start? Believe it or not, that’s practically the easy part.  It doesn't’ matter if you have a hobby, like to travel, still a student, retired or anything else even things like sports, crafts, heck even Multi-Level Marketing or Direct Sales, like home party’s. That’s even easier to get started. Another fact, we all love to buy, but no one likes to be sold…but when you find a trusted person or information, you generally will purchase and they were going to be purchasing from someone, why not you!?

Sure you can go and put lots of sweat and tears into building a “Free” website… but when you begin to sell thing, anything, even Affiliate products or Informational ... they often will shut your account down, I know personally because the “Free” version of Wordpress did that to me.

Many build a profitable website using the paid version of Wordpress – but here’s the thing – unless you gain the training and knowledge of how to structure your websites, getting traffic is difficult.  I can say that I get about 100 visitors, FREE, daily to my website. Now that’s really not a ton of traffic, but considering, I’m pleased from it, because I still build “Extra income” and I still get excited when a check simply shows up in the mail. 

Under preforming Wordpress website,
no problem I can still help. 

Side note –  If you do currently have a Wordpress website and Have you struggled to create a successful online business using WordPress, then you need to look here. I mean there are tons, I mean TONS of people pulling you in all different directions and the Plugins are unlimited, confusing to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good ones out there but you need to know what you’re doing and have visitors to your website, bottom line, right?

Here’s another thing that I’ve learned from using not only this platform, and Wordpress, even though I had some experience with creating website, using Wordpress has a ton of expenses that add up to more than what I pay to keep this site going and I get FAR more VALUE.

When you decide to take action, and you actually go to say a college or college online to learn how to build a website, you’ll still pay more! And you will not get many of the tools like you get here.

The Forums alone are priceless! You have many others experienced web designer who can and will give free advice, tips, tricks, suggestions and more. Wordpress, Weebly or any other platform will not give you what you get with SiteBuildIt! Hands down. See the Value and look at the Comparison 

I’m even going to throw in a bonus; I know when I get started, I felt overwhelmed, just like you do when you start anything NEW… it always feels awkward, uncomfortable…like you’re all thumbs. Well, SBI has an extremely detailed video tutorial “On-line” sort-of Mini-College course… If you should have any question, you can always reach out to me personally! After you purchase your SBI account and I verify with your email, that you purchased from my site, I will personally mentor you, walk you through, I will meet you – as long as

  1. you purchase from my website 
  2. watch the video’s before 
  3. we’ll work together to get you a website up and running!

Be assured, this is NOT a get-right-quick thing otherwise SBI wouldn’t use a turtle as the main symbol, it is slow and steady. One step, one day at a time! Also know as the C-T-P-M and I can assure you that with Brainstorming, Unique keyword ability and so much more, you’re sure to have a profitable website.

C-T-P-M  is the Profitable way to make a website, the only way.C-T-P-M - one of the BEST ways to make a profitable website.

So, Take action – reach out to meask questions directly to Solo Build It and let’s get you started  because this is the one of best ways to make a website! 

Reach out to me, connect with me on Social Media  :)


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