NOT, "just dust collectors"!


Some love them, others might think they are just good kindling. For example, I loved them, yet on the otherhand my ex-husband thought they were great for kindling. (Joking at first to get my goat, but later became a hot point in my divorce - by the way, I still have all of them except that husband.)

I remember my first home party, it was Flag Day (I forget the year though). I think this was even my first ever home party, anyway my Aunt invited me. I remember the excitment that filled the room. Being young with almost no money I could only afford one of the small ones with liner and protector of course.

Many people often wonder what they would do with them let alone the idea of collecting them, as many people do. Besides direct selling is over $109 BILLION in 2006 with 26.7% in the catagory of Home/family care/home durables. Back to the topic, I think that they can be used throughout your home.

For Example:

  • I use one to keep my make-up in that sits on the toliet lid
  • I have several that I use for waste baskets in our bathrooms
  • For collection of our Laundry
  • Serve Bread in for special occasions
  • I have used them as a purse at one time (not a good idea when you have little children)
  • Transportation of cakes and pies to special functions (they complement your dessert!)
  • To hold your business cards
  • To index your phone numbers
  • Hold your change at the end of the day

    This is a very short list of ideas and uses for the seveal diffrent styles, shapes and sizes you can purchase. Check out this site for the care, tips and hints for your Baskets.

    More tips to come, please return again soon! Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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    Top of Baskets

    Just remember, you too can have those dreams and most importantly you deserve them!

    I Love SBI! Check it out...I did!

    I look forward in speaking with you!

    Best of Luck and God Bless!

    ~ Kelly Staley

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