The Bittersweet Candle Company ...

I’d say more sweet than bitter!

Bittersweet Candle Company… like many others, was started in the basement of the Kramer’s basement (I refer to this as “the big idea”) and to some known as one of the “best at-home” business opportunities. In March of 2000, the first representative hit the street with just a tri-fold ink jet brochure (no color – imagine that, selling colorful & scented candles with a black & white brochure).

These candles are made from paraffin with a double wick design and have premium fragrance oils to give them a pleasant scent.

The Company has a simple philosophy and that is to share, care, show and sell, that’s really basic, hugh?! So, basic must work after all this direct sale Candle Company, has remained in business since 2000 and has over 700 Independent Sale Consultants/Representatives.

This company also has a basic approach for sales; no sales requirement, quotas or minimum order to place. You can even download Bittersweet Candle Companys catalog to PDF if you want or just look on-line. Perhaps you’d like to find a Bittersweet Candle Representative.

Maybe you’d like to just shop on-line without a consultant, you can do that too!

How about a different idea for a fundraiser. The Company offers many enticing benefits such as an instant 40% profit! With shipment within 20 business days and FREE shipping for orders over $1,000.00 and these are just a few perks for your organization. Contact a representative for more details and information.

Maybe you’re looking for an unusual new business opportunity, and love candles? You might want to consider this company…as most Direct Sales Companies you can set your own schedule.

  • You can earn up to 40% - 50% in commission/profit

  • Scents change seasonally

  • You get your profits up-front

  • The cost is offered in two different “packages” Basic - ~$80.00
    and the Party Pack ~$190.00

  • The Basic Starter Kit includes things like 56 scented candles, a carry case and 100 brochures. (Contact a representative for more information.)

    Then there is the Party Pack Start-up Kit which includes various sizes of candles in Jars and Tins, Votives and Melt packs, brochures and much more, again Contact a consultant for more details.

    If you are a consultant for The Bittersweet Candles Company and would like to post your newsletter on my website, please feel to Contact Me, I will gladly consider.

    However, do not forget to think about the proper way to protect your business, everyone hates/dislikes TAXES but, do consider the TAX benefits you get for starting a business. Even in this difficult time we all are experiencing a HOME BASED BUSINESS can be one of the BEST things you can do!

    Check out these sites!

    Ron Mueller
    Sandy Botkins (Use TAXTOOLS for YOUR personal discount!!)

    I am not responsible for any erroneous information that a consultant provides me.

    Best of Luck and God Bless!

    ~ Kelly Staley

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