"Grooming YOU for Success in Everyday Life"
~ Dani Johnson ~ 

Who the heck is Dani Johnson?

For many 'newbies' in the Network Marketing Industry, Dani Johnson is well known. She is well know for her Script Book(s) that truly answers the question what do I say? She gives you exactly what to say! Her well known seminar First Steps to Success (learn some of what I learned at my first seminar!)

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If you have not heard of Dani Johnson, this could be the missing “piece” or help you have been looking for. She is a phenomenal speaker with lots of energy and experience in the Network Marketing and Direct Sales arena. In addition to speaking she is an author, trainer and founder of “Call to Freedom International” She trains people all across the world and has people come to her seminars from thousands of miles just to hear her in person.

I’m sure that you’ve run into the same difficulties as countless other people who are looking for additional income and feel that Network Marketing and/or Direct Sales, I mean think about it . . . you’ve chosen a company, you have the same product or service, the same customer service department, legal department, the same policies and procedures but you ask yourself what am I doing wrong, I can’t see results, I keep getting “no’s” yet why (or better How!) are “those” guys making that kind of an income! Well Dani Johnson can help you to see the potential reason why, because she is “Grooming you for Success in Everyday Life!” If you don’t think so, keep reading. She has countless of success stories that will inspire you, I know it did for me, (but this is NOT about me) I want to help you.

There is really on one thing that is different between those in your company and you, and that is YOU! Dani Johnson is known for saying, “You need to get out of your own way” you are holding yourself back and his is where she could help you.

Dani Johnson proudly shares her story about her being 19 years old starting in the Network Marketing/Direct Sales industry, when she was young, un-Educated female who was broke and struggled (I think she actually says FAILED miserably) for the first 6 months in this career. She went from living out of her car with only $2.03 to her name, yet in 2 short years earning millions. She too, has here “Life story and struggles” of marriage, divorce, kids to also include Drugs but she has a success story that is unbelievable! She and another person in a nameless company entered/joined at the same time but he was earning multiple times more than her and she practically begged him to teach her how to walk, crawl then run!

"YOU need to get over YOU
and get out of YOUR own way"
~ Dani Johnson

Look at her now, Dani Johnson regularly consults and coaches people to become more successful on prospecting and closing, business and team development, leadership, personal achievement, marketing solutions and profitable strategies. Her passion is clear and that is helping people break through barriers that have stopped you from experiencing true freedom in not only with your finances, but emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually!

She is known for instilling confidence in people, this way you see that you can do it! Network Marketing/Direct Sales is an easy profession, just like any profession there is a learning curve you must go through to excel and this is where Dani helps. She generically teaches people reach new levels in all aspects of life.

The truth about Dani Johnson is that she a home business trainer, successful marketing expert, Christian success coach to name only a few excellent business qualities of hers. Her Script Book is a valuable tool in countless businesses across the world. It is know n to many as the bible as to what to say to prospects and more importantly how to say it. (With sincerity of course!)

"YOU need to weight
YOUR Bank Account . . .

Which weights MORE?"

- Dani Johnson

As with any profession there is education that is paramount for success and Network Marketing/Direct Sales is no different. Lack of education is most likely the reason for the high failure rate of about 97% as and industry. I think that is because it most people do not like to do things that are uncomfortable yet, in order for things to change in your life, you need to change, stretch out of your comfortable zone and grow personally. Dani Johnson is the most successful trainer in Multi-Level (MLM) Marketing that I know of; in fact countless leaders outsource the training to her dynamitic duplication for everyone.

When I went to my “First Steps to Success” which was in Los Angeles, CA in August 2010 and I had a blast, To read more about my experience and some of my notes or thoughts read about it here!

This is a highly suggest seminar for everyone to attend who is serious about building a home business. Here are the steps that many of the “Top Income Earners”

  1.  FREE – 30 Day BootCamp with Dani Johnson and Smarter Networker
  2. First Steps to Success
  3. Creating A Dynasty
  4. Dani Johnson Script Book ~ both!
  5. Any and all of her products. They are PACKED with value, Invest in YOUR education; you would if you were in collage!

Check out her other WONDERFUL products that have also helped countless other people just like you and me!

  1. Unlimited Success
  2. The Instant Customer Goldmine™
  3. War On Debt
  4. Grooming The Next Generation For Success!

This is a wonderful course! Grooming The Next Generation For Success is a home study course that will help you understand your children and raise them to become respectful children, which in turn become better adults.

When you purchase the course, which contains a workbook, CD's, and DVD's. In the workbook you'll find 10 basic strategies’ that are important things to know and also includes 11 pages of "bonus" material. (Too many things to list for here) If you want more information, visit the site or Contact me, I have the program and use it! This doesn't include the 9 pages of Testimonials that include no less than 3 per page!

Why fight with success, Dani sure had a proven record of that!

Thank you Dani!!

ppssst ... Let me let you in on a secret –

There’s this website that is specific to Networkers that are struggling … it’s The Smarter Networker and they have TONS of Dani Johnson Training – I’d suggest starting out with the FREE 30 day Bootcamp from Dani Johnson! You’ll get tons of valuable information in just 30 days, and hey it’s FR*EE

I know that it “suck” to go back to school but if you’re serious about the business model of Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing or Direct Sales (as they are basically the same) but EDUCATION is paramount! Would you want someone (anyone) to operate on you just because they “Want to me a Doctor?” They need EDUCATION, as do YOU! I did (and still keep learning and growing). It has been said that the higher your degree of learning or knowledge the higher your income should go too.

Be honest with yourself, you need the education too and Dani Johnson is the perfect option.

"You are a BUSINESS Developer
* NOT *
A salesperson . . .
STOP Acting like one!"
- Dani Johnson

Best of Luck and God Bless!

~ Kelly Staley

Graduate of First Steps to Success and Creating a Dynasty 

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