Getting to know me, Kelly Staley

Getting to know me, Kelly Staley . . .

Greetings! I’m Kelly, in my 40’s ~ a wife to my husband, mother, to our two sons and a full time Firefighter/Medic by trade.

Yes, I work full time; raise two young children and building an Internet business, as you can too! (More on that later) Getting to know me and I will share my story that has lead me to where I am today, as I’ll try to keep it interesting and brief.

I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s in a home where I heard all the time, “We can’t do that (or go there) because that cost money and we don’t have that!” I wanted to take dance (as most girls do) but heard the same thing. I even remember being sick at school one time and I didn’t want my Mom called because I knew she didn’t have the “time” (to take away from work) to come get me. (Turned out I had appendicitis)

I always wanted my parents to be one of those parents that would be able to be a chaperone during school functions, yet again they never would because neither of them had the flexibility or benefits at work to have days off here and there and family vacations were limited.

Somewhere along my child hood I knew “When I grew up and had a family of my own, that I would try in all my power to NO leave my children with the same negative memories that I had nor the same negative words I heard.

Now about time I hit High School, I felt in my mind that I was not smart enough to attend college so I opted for additional vocational education in the cosmetology field and when I graduated High School I was proud to sit for the State Board Exam for Cosmetology! (Passed the first time too ~ I usually didn’t do that for many tests)

With that, I had a job as a shampoo person during my sophomore, junior and senior years of high school. Since I passed my exam I simply was prompted at the salon where I worked. I thought “Wow, I have a career while all of my friends are still attending College!” Little did I know what was coming to my way about jobs….

Well, things happened at that salon and I chose to leave and found myself interviewing for a job in a Doctor’s office (talk about a change) GI at that! (Gastrointestinal) I knew NOTHING about office work! Heck, I remember sitting there one afternoon staring at the walls wondering what to do next.

Side note--- my job was not only to assist the Doctor, but to answer phones, file insurance papers, file charts and more.

So it never dawned on me that I had to file Insurance paperwork so frequently and the office manager (the Doctor’s wife) told me that if I wanted to get paid I’d better file them. I became real good at filing Insurance Claims!

Remember that I said I am a full time Firefighter, well I started volunteering when I was 17 years old and throughout all my years, until my full time position that is, I had either volunteered or worked as a “part-timer” So, I would work full time in the office and at the firehouse at night!

During all of this, I changed office, to do more billing for a local Urologist. While working here I found myself in the midst of a divorced, and a dear friend of mine suggested that I apply for the full time position as a firefighter in the county in which he worked, so I did. One huge catch, I had to run a mile and a half as part of the testing I had to do, I HATE RUNNING! Somehow, I did it and have been employed there since 1999.

What does that have to do with anything? I’ll tell you, you see, I had returned back to doing hair part-time because of my divorce and I was tired of working so hard for next to nothing and that little voice in my head keep reminding me that I didn’t want my children to hear the same things I did yet I was following in the same path. (No children at the time)

Because of my current employer having the benefit of Tuition reimbursement, I found myself at the local community college enrolling to earn an Associate’s Degree! (That meant more money per hour at my job) Little did I really understand the disadvantage of trading time for money and what I would be introduced too. ..

I tried my hand with Direct Sales Companies like Longaberger® and The Pampered Chef® but no success for me! I was missing lots of information that my business partners did not pass to me. I was open to other means of Income but no-one explained how it really worked! These are two examples of Direct Sales Company’s however both ended due to personal reasons. (I feel they are both GREAT Company's and still use and purchase items from Distributors to this day)

A staggering (estimation) 16.1 Million people are trying their hand at Direct Sales or just trying a company “on for size”, some will generate enough income to eliminate a bill from the household budget. There will be some that will replace (or retire) income to leave their current employment. In fact the Direct Selling Association, has reported that in 2009, US Retail Sales was $28.33 BILLION and 77.3% of sales were in the home! (WOW!!)

I hope I can be a positive influence in your decision, should you want a part of that MULTI-BILLION Dollar Industry. This Industry not only about Home Parties, it will also include other independent sales (Direct Sales) opportunities. Many of the Direct Sales companies also have a fundraiser, gift or Wedding branch of their business too.

Now, life is up to each one of us, we are responsible for our thoughts and actions.

I recall as a young adult my first husband suggesting to me that I should be taking more classes, even though I later achieved my Associates’ Degree that was not enough. That conversation I can still hear today, even though he will not talk to me, I owe much to him for those words, as I may not be where I am today if we hadn’t had that conversation.

So as my life has it I found myself home with my first son fixing dinner and the TV on when I had another turning point in my life. On a nationally recognized broadcast there sat a mother telling her story. I admit I did not sit and watch nor listen to the entire story until I heard these bits of the conversation “mother of 6, blog, 4 months on the Internet, generating $4,000 a month from her blog” I stopped what I was doing to listen and pay attention because my first thought was “Wow, 6 kids more power to her….$4,000 a month from a blog, what is her website, how can she be doing that? What is she doing that I can’t learn?”

Yeap, I was one of them that boosted her visitor count because after the broadcast I did visit her site to try to figure out what the heck she was doing! I’ve always worked hard, long hours, little vacation (just like my parents) So opened the doors (My mind) for my learning a new skill, exploring and as much as I could to achieve the same results because, WOW, what would $4,000 do for you?

That’s right, I had to learn a new skills. Just as any other job, profession or hobby there is a learning curve. I remember in the beginning countless website that to me looked suspicious. You know the one’s I’m talking about…the ones out to take YOUR hard earned money with little in return and the ones where YOU are left as a number, not as a person.

My research leads me to SiteBuildIt! (SBI). I was impressed at the information but my mind was not opened enough to see all the value that SBI has to offer. So, I dropped many questions to them with a quick response from other members of SBI whom are there to answer your questions. My big hang up was the cost….I mean $299.00 is a lot of money to someone who felt there was none to spare.

So after sever correspondences between myself and SBI’s support, I asked this question…

I kept in mind that the person answering my questions has more experience than I and also has 4 websites at the time so I totally understood that! I kept that in mind with my question and that question was…”So what sort of income do you generate from your sites (ball park)?” His reply (and I believed him ~ because of the positive reputation I continuously found about SBI) $20,000/monthly ~ I think I dented the floor when my jaw dropped, my quick math was almost $250,000 a year for websites.

I don’t know about you, but that is way more than I made even over the course of a few years!

I was sold!

So my learning began, I knew absolutely NOTHING about building websites let alone how in the world other people generate a generous income! It is a journey I have not looked back with regrets only to the possibilities of the future. The internet is more than a wealth of information with the “information highway.”

Now don’t get me wrong there are people in the world just out for your money!

I want to help you discover the potential you have inside of you. You already know that nothing is for free, right? There are laws in the universe we all must obey and for those who chooses to disobey either way we either reap the rewards or suffer the consequences! People often do not have regards for things that are free. You will find honest value of my experience here on my website.

I am open to suggestions, comments and if or when you are ready to know just how I did it stay tuned for more details after all there is almost no other refreshing feeling than to open your e-mail and get notice for things that my visitors purchased or going to your mail box, only to find a check that was generated from your website that you didn’t know was due to me. If you want to work with an actual person; me, that will guide you with honest help, I will show you how.

I just ask you be open, teachable and coachable, have patience; I was ~ and I am seeing the fruits of my efforts.

May I share it with you?

I hope you enjoyed my story and getting to know me, before I close I leave you with these questions:

What would you do it you were unable to return to your current job (field or similar)? [Ever] either due to injury/accident/illness

How long could your household survive without your income?

It only takes an open mind to answer those questions. I know my employer is only concerned with their bottom (budget) dollar, as I am concerned with mine. Therefore I have taken action to assure I am comfortable to answer those questions.

So are you ready to get started with someone to help you?

I am so Blessed to have found SBI! and started my journey that has be still here today, looking to help others, just like YOU!

Best of Luck and God Bless!

~ Kelly Staley

PS: Some of my success is in Thanks to Dani Johnson and First Steps To Success I have never had such a strong feeling as I did when I learned about First Steps To Success, I don't know what it was but all I know is the feeling was so strong, I had to listen to it! (Boy am I glad I did!)

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