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Are you looking for great kitchenware? Do you want fresh ideas for your family to try? Maybe you're looking for easier solutions to help make your time in the kitchen shorter. Well, have you ever hear of...or been to a home party such as: The Pampered Chef®, Tastefully Simple, Two Sisters Gourmet

These are a few kitchenware companies that have both great tools the help your time in the kitchen more productive and often require only a few ingredients to make cooking a breeze!

My intention is to help you understand the companies that I will list on my website and help you, make an educated decision for the BEST party or business to start for yourself. Remember that Direct Sales is a $32.18 BILLION a year industry. (according to the statistics for 2006 via There are everyday people like you and me, who are making a GREAT income from starting a business just like these companies.

I am not here to "recruit" people for any of these companies, I am no longer an Independent Consultant, I just belief these are a great way to keep the American families together. A business of your own often gives you the freedom to have more quality time with your family! Enough is enough...So what about Kitchen Parties?

Have you ever been to a "kitchen" show?

Well let me tell you first hand, just how excited I was when I went to my first Pampered Chef Kitchen show!

I was newly married and had received an invitation for this new (to me) Home Party at a friend's house. The excitement was overwhelming, the food they made was easy and tasted good. The products, well they are unmatched!

I mean where else can you go, purchase Kitchenware products and have a Guarantee satisfaction policy? Not just your return it soon after you receive them, ALL products have a one year guarantee! Several products have a three (3), five (5) and even a LIFTEIME GUARANTEE!!!

For example, you know those stoneware, flat stones? The ones that will season themselves the more you use them...they have a three (3) year guarantee!

Picture this:

You are baking Chocolate Chip Cookies (mmmmmm!) for what ever reason, your stone unfortunately breaks :(

If you purchased it from The Pampered Chef, they will replace it!

I do not know of any store that will replace it, that's right REPLACE it, for usually one a small shipping charge. The key is however, you should keep your sales receipt to show proof of purchase.

I know this is "off the wall" but, Do you like IKEA? (I do)Click Here! to see IKEA kitchen remodeling screts.

***Stay tuned for more!

Thank you

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I am not responsible for any erroneous information that a consultant provides me.

Best of Luck and God Bless!

~ Kelly Staley

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