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NuSkin was founded in 1984 and is committed to providing quality skincare that features only premium wholesome ingredients. Many know NuSkin for “all of the good, none of the bad” and with that they develop innovative products that support not only health of skin and hair but the longevity too. They have a professional advisory board of innovators that include dermatology, ethnobotany, nutritional and cosmetics. Together they share in the knowledge, experience and talents of one another to form an expertise that so many Nuskin distributors and customers know and like!

As a direct selling company they have over 750,000 active independent distributors and preferred customers. With my research I found that this company in 2008 reported a $1.25 Billion in revenue as a Direct Sales Company that markets personal skincare and nutritional products, (Would you like a percentage of that?) on top of that this company markets in 48 Global markets.

For a list of products look here!

Nuskin's Nuskin's compensation/opportunity ~ In order to begin qualifying as a representative of NuSkin, you must achieve 100 PSV, enroll in ADP, and reach 1,000 GSV. This really seems hard to do unless you talk to all of your family, friends, and co workers. One of the other levels is the Executive Qualification which consists of a three month process with specific monthly volume requirements. Earn 12% level 1 Bonus Doubler throughout active Executive Qualification months. One grace month is available if necessary. If you use that grace period month then you will loose your bonus.

When you are an Executive Leader, you can now earn a 9% to 15% commission on your entire Executive Circle Group the higher your sales, the higher your commissions will climb. As an Executive builder, you can now qualify to earn up to 5% commission on the GSV of each of the new Executives created throughout your sales organization down six levels of executives. Once you get these people under you and you have a good seller and he/she out sells you then they are considered a breakaway executive. Even though you have worked hard to get your costumers they will break away from you if they outsell you.

If you’d like to know more about the science, look here...

To contact them for additional information here is where you can do that!

If you are a distributor/consultant for NuSkin and have a newsletter, Please feel free to contact me, I will gladly consider placing it on my site for you!

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