Partylite Parties
Learn How To "Brighten your life the Partylite way"

Partylite Parties history begins in 1905, where Ms. Mabel Baker began making candles from bayberries. This New England school teacher was also an entrepreneur and sure would be proud, I’m sure if she were alive today, that her business that she started over a century ago has flourished to include an International market.

This company has more than 37,000 independent consultants, making lots of people who love Partylite Parites. Some consultants are achieving profits that, amount to a six-figure income.

Ms. Baker died at the age of ninety-four years old, in the year 1965. In that year the business she started with bayberries was a $6 MILLION DOLLAR operation.

Partylite, parties has a product line of over 400 candles, accessories and more than 25 fragrances. The candles choices are of many different colors, shapes and sizes.

When you have a partylite party, they also have monthly Hostess Specials and Guest Offers.

Styles of candles:

  • Holiday Scents
  • Everyday Scents
  • Unscented
  • 3 Wicks
  • Pillars and Balls
  • Jar Candles
  • Tealight & Votives
  • Aroma Melts and Simmers
  • Tapiers

    Other products include
  • Air Care
  • Body Care

    When you host a party and your show is more than $350, and you sign as a consultant then, your starter kit is FREE! You have six of your friends and family host parties for you, and you could earn between $500 - $800 (providing those show are the company average of $340.00) it’s that simple.


    Paid weekly (25% of personal sales) according to the sale form your shows, you could earn a 7% monthly bonus when your sales reach $2,000

    This could meet your personal goals to relieve household difficulties. On the other hand you control when you give yourself a RAISE – Anytime!!

    When you build a team of six other consultants your profits increase again! Want to know more information about potential income?

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