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As I write this resources page for you, this will help guide you to many of the tools I use for my business. As you can see I use, recommend and think it is important to have a website of your own to maximize the “bottom dollar” (as many would say) I can remember not too long ago that I sat for many of times a pondered what I would do to earn extra income to help my family. This is where I found SiteBuilt IT! (Watch this short video tour) Today I am about to transition to creating and updating my knowledge and let it shine in my style of creation, that is neither here nor there.

I have has numerous suggestions along my path so I will share my resources with you here.

SBI ~ Need to build a web page?! ~ PERFECT in creating your own original website that stands out from the rest with great content that your visitors want to read. Now I know that some, in fact many Direct Sales Companies may not allow you to create “your own” website, however if yours does; SBI is the best tool for you. Trust me there is more to getting a domain name…you need to find a hosting company.

However I also use for other business I have since I started with SBI ~ Although there is a much higher learning curve than I experienced with SBI I’m thankful that I used SBI as my “training wheels” :D

Since this site is about Home-Party, Direct Sales and or Home Businesses, I found Sales MOMS – Your Direct Sales Directory, Coaching & Support Resource - Sales MOMS is a website designed to assist moms who are looking into various direct sales options and trying to find the business that is right for them. We offer resources every direct sales business consultant can use! We are here to help you make your direct sales venture a perfect profitable business!

I'm sure you'll find the website just as helpful in looking for a new party idea to host, share or whatever you choose. Especially if you're looking for a Direct Sales Company that is new and Fresh for the area you live in.

He's a little fact, straight for the U.S. Direct Selling Association in 2007, 87.9% of sales that accounted for about $30.80 Billion in sales were women, and 77.1% of sales were "face-to-face" selling. So, here is the money if you're willing to research a company, and do the work.

Here is a great Internet Research Business Guide. Just in case you would like help with a Guide to Writing for Pay, this is very helpful. There is even a newsletter and full or other business ideas for you to consider, and that offers several tips on enhancing your business. People are making real honest money with real business offers every day, why not join them, I did! Quicken Premier Home & Business - Save $30 + Free Shipping ~ Great basic first time account/bookkeeping software I have used for about 22 years and it make take time a breeze! It only takes me moments a week to keep my checkbook/debit card up-to-date. Then come tax time, I already have a system in place.

Ron Muller ~ Now I have many of Ron's resources and they are all wonderful, helpful products, these resources I think anyone in business should use.

**Ron is not a Account, Attorney or liking ****

If you do not prefer Ron then Sandy Botkins, shares much of the same information in almost the same manor.

(see my detailed page of Ron Mueller) - here

Sandy Botkins (Attorney and Certified Public Accountant) – Don't forget to uses TAXTOOLS for your discount (Passing the savings on to you!)

Since I brought up taxes and then need for good bookkeeping skills here you can find a deal from MyCorporation ~ Save $30 when you form a Corporation or LLC with Intuit MyCorporation. **Full of guidance ~ Protect your business!

To offer another excellent resource tool if you are in need of a

Guardian Tax Resolutions is America’s first nationwide tax relief and tax advocacy if you are looking for help.

*** None of these resourses are meant to be in any specific order. ***

If you want send traffic to your website (either personally created or replicated from your company) **Note with SBI all my visitors are "organic" or customers like you who found my site through FREE search engines ** Check out all the

FREE e-books that SBI offers you BEFORE you even make a purchase (go ahead try it, pass it to our friends, family and co-workers)

I have had a good return on investment (ROI) with and TrafficSwarm ~ Both are good. My success the each of them is about the same. Both are FREE but like many offer “upgrades” I use them frequently for my other businesses. * one of TrafficSwarms benefits are 12 months of FREE hosting when you upgrade to "pros" (TrafficSwarm PRO members)

****More to come soon, Stay tuned!


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