Scentsy Wickless Candles

Do you know about Scentsy ? Perhaps you are looking for wickless candles? Why wickless candles…first they are safer! Did you know that many people lose there home because of candles? Yes, candles…

Even though you think your candle(s) are “safe” anything can happen and make the candle a danger to your home and family. I heard a great tip – use a glass hurricane around your candle, because that “$5.00 candle could be your most expensive purchase”

Well, Scentsy is a perfect match and solution to that problem. This company started in 2004 with a mission of “To bring value to the world by providing an industry leading, family-friendly business opportunity selling creative, artistic, high-quality products that warm the heart, enliven the senses, and inspire the soul.” (as quoted by

Today they offer over 80 high quality fragrances in a variety of products to include

Scentsy Bars

Room Sprays and Car Candles

Scentsy Bricks

Scentsy Warmers

NEW! Scentsy Plug-in Warmers

Look here to learn more about the product above.

To Start YOUR own business and work from home with Scenty is easy.

You join a team and share the Scenty products with family and friends, build your own downline organization. As a consultant/representative you earn 20% commission from the retail sales of every order! Your commission can increase with higher sales. Also, your commission can increase as your team increases. This is leverage. The silent beauty of network marketing, you get paid on the efforts of your team. (a concept that many people are not comfortable with or don't know enought about) Learn more wealth here!

Your sponsor is your personal trainer. to locate a consultant look here! Let me tell you a bit about your starter kit ...first it’s relatively inexpensive to start your own business with Scenty. The cost currently is $99.00 + applicable tax, Shipping/Handling fees. You then will be given a consultant number. In addition you will be given a 3 month free access to your own personal business website of to send your family, friends and customers to purchase products on there own.

To remain as an active consultant you must have $150 in retail sales in one month within a 3 month period.

On the other hand Scenty has a good Hostess program that gives a discount to your host for hosting a party. This discount is 10 – 15% and can be used to purchase additional items of choice. They also offer half-price specials for Hostess only. For additional information please contact Customer Service Representative by calling (877) 855-0617 (according to the website)

Now as a business (even working from home) you are able to gain several tax advantages stratagies!. You really should consider learning more at either of these wonderful sites.

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I have purchased from both and enjoy all the information they have to share. There information will give you the necessary information to take to your tax advisor to gain the maximum deductions allowed by law.

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If you are a consultant for Scentsy and have a Newsletter I will consider posting it for you. Please Contact ME!

Just remember, you too can have those dreams and
most importantly you deserve them!

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I sure hope this is a value to you.

Best of Luck and God Bless!

~ Kelly Staley

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