The inventor of Tupperware was Earl Tupper – in 1946 (which was the debut) started the revolutionary post-was period in history, with Tupper’s invention that served many purposes including versatility and convenience this “miracle” product helped launch the plastic revolution.

The introduction of his legendary airtight seals that were patterned after the invented rim on a can of paint, which prevented food from drying out, wilting or losing its flavor in the refrigerator. When his product was introduced to the retailers many did not understand this type of seal which made it difficult to sell in a retail store.

However, in 1948, the first home party of Tupperware was held. This was more of the reason why today it is sold through distributors in the direct selling arena. The demonstrators can effectively demonstrate the airtight seal that Tupperware is know for.

Come along 1951, the product line was selling so good what retail stores did carry the Tupperware line, were pulled from the shelves and sold exclusively via demonstrators. During the 1960’s it became increasingly necessary for most households to have two incomes to support the financial needs of the household. This is where many housewives found a career in Tupperware. This offered a new entrance into the workforce with flexible ways to earn money to contribute to the household budget yet, still spending time with their children.

Today Tupperware can be purchased in over 100 countries worldwide. To read more about the heritage of Tupperware …

Along the lines of that, today the direct selling industry represents approximately $30 BILLION in sales just in the United States, and somewhere around $114 Billion worldwide and continues to grow with the current demands. With a solid mission and clean vision, tupperware has stood the test of time, through good and bad economical time as we are experiencing today.


Tupperware has two different options you could consider in starting YOUR own Home Based Business. The first is a “Fully Loaded” at the cost of about $110.00 This Executive Business Kit has a retail value of over $470.00. The second option is only about $80.00 and carries a retail value of about $330.00.

With the NATIONAL party average for this company, both kits are designed to give you the tools to enjoy about $100.00 return on every “Average party” Although the kits are subjected to change they are still designed to help you achieve your goals.

For more information about the opportunity that Tupperware has to offer here is the best place to look!

We now sell products under eight brands consisting of Tupperware, which represents food preparation, storage and serving solutions for the home, and seven brands of beauty and personal care products including Avroy Shlain, BeautiControl, Fuller, NaturCare, Nutrimetics and Nuvo.

If your looking to contact Tupperware in there Orlando, FL Corporate office here is the best place to go.

If your wanting to know more about hosting a party or looking for a consultant, this will answer all of your questions!

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